The Visiting Astronomer

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Have telescope, will travel


  • Are you having a children's or adults' party in the evening?
  • Just having a 'get-together' for family or friends?
  • Looking for entertainment for your guests?
  • Are you organising a scout group, a company 'do' or a camping trip?
  • Looking for something fun and educational for them to do?
  • Are you fed up with boring lectures, clowns and magicians?
  • Want to observe the Moon and planets that are visible?
  • Long to view the stars, galaxies and nebulae in the night sky?
  • Do your cubs, brownies, boy or girl scouts want to get their stargazing or astronomy badges?

Then look no further!
I am The Visiting Astronomer.  Have 'scope, will travel is my motto.
I will come to your house, party, meeting or scout group, even your scout campsite.  I will bring a telescope, binoculars and a planetarium (in case it's cloudy).  I can give a short talk about the night sky and what we are likely to see, then set up the equipment and let the guests, party-goers or scouts view the heavens.
For brownies, cubs and scout groups I can give enough information and demonstrations for all present to achieve the criteria necessary for them to gain their astronomy or stargazing badges. See the relevant section on my Useful Links page.
Photos on the left are (top to bottom): M31 (HST), M57 (me), M63 (HST) and Moon (me).  The one at the top is a Hubble Deep Space image.